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Hotel Introduction

Mission Statement

The Bonanza Hotel & Spa

Baoan CTS Building,
90 QianJin Yi Road, Bao An District #21, Shenzhen, China.

(86 755) 27881888

(86 755) 27788211


Hotel (company) introduction

The Bonanza Hotel (Management Company) is a professional company that operates and manages high-end and mid-range hotels. Established in 2006 in Shenzhen, the company focuses its business on mainland China and meanwhile seeks for global development. So far it has opened five hotels with four in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Jiangxi province in China and one in Gold Coast of Australia, with preparation of setting foot in Xiamen and Hainan province in China. The gradually mature management helps the company develop faster. The acquisition of Palazzo Versac in Gold Coast of Australia in 2012 witnessed the further expansion and internationalization of the company. A large number of professional hotel management personnel has been trained during the past decade and management personnel from France, Australia, India and Hong Kong has joined, which makes the company more international and supports it to develop more globally.